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Founded in 2004, Jinyuan lighting is one of few companies worldwide that fully dedicate itself in both LED lighting and solar energy industry, specializing in R&D of three main areas: LED lighting, Solar Panel and Solar Lighting applications. Jinyuan utilizes its complete industrial chain of LED, Solar and Battery to create wide range of efficient solar lighting and renewable energy solutions for clients.UL approved LED production line, TUC SUD approved 100% automatic high-speed solar panel production line, highly-advanced battery production facility bring Jinyuan serious advantages of price and quality.

Jinyuan is also ahead in innovation. Creative teams of R&D place passionate attention to advanced technology and original design. Customization provided by Jinyuan highly-professional team of engineering boosts flexibility and adaptability to the greatest extend. Jinyuan are leading the LED lighting and Solar energy industry with Production, Innovation and Customization.


Guangdong Jinyuan Lighting Technology Co.,Ltd.

TEL: 86-768-2800688 FAX:86-768-2800788  Email: [email protected]


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